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As mentioned on the home page, Kaleya was born October 16, 2004 at 4:41 am. You can see her birth details on her online birth announcement. We named her Kaleya because it is a combination of our names: Kalonji + Taneya = Kaleya. We chose her middle name of Frances as it is Kalonji's grandmother's name.

The Birth Story
We found out about Kaleya in March of 2004 and were of course ecstatic. At that time, we thought they we were going to have her in November, but at my ultrasound, we found out she was older than that and that my new due date would be October 5th. With much joy and anticipation we continued to prepare for her arrival. October 5th came and went, but she was not ready to be born. So, my midwife scheduled an induction for October 15th, 2004. On that day, at 7:30am, I checked into the hospital. I was given Pitocin to get the contractions started. At 4:30pm, I received my epidural and for hours after that was in pain-free bliss just letting my body work to keep trying to push her out. :-)

At 11pm, the midwife broke my water so that she would not keep being pushed back up everytime a contraction pushed her down. At 1 am on the 16th, the midwife checked again and Kaleya still was not descending further. So, at 3:30 am (and me 7cm dilated), they decided to put me in an upright position hopeful that gravity would help push me down (see my blog entry). Well, it helped! At 4:30 am when I could not take the pain anymore (epidural was wearing off, but somehow, I did not realize that was what was going on) the anesthesiologist came in to give more drugs. The midwife checked and guess what, Kaleya was crowning! So, I pushed for about 10 minutes and at 4:41 am kaleya entered the world!

And, five days later, my brother's second son was born. His mother, Tanesha, had the same due date as I did. :-)
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