Welcome to the Koonce Genealogy site.  I am starting this site to keep progress on my Koonce genealogy research. I am interested in all Koonces and will be growing this resource over time.  There have been many Koonce researchers before me and I hope this information helps Koonce researchers that will come after me. 🙂

The impetus for the site began once I found out about the Koonce to Koonce newsletters published from 1994-1997 by the Koonce Genealogical Society.   After contacting the editor, John P. Koonce, he gave me permission to post them online.  With that permission, I started devising a plan to get the newsletters online.

Please be patient however, I don’t expect to fully gear up with this site until Summer 2009.   Meanwhile, please feel free to check out my slowly growing database of Koonce families.

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One thought on “Welcome!

  1. Taneya, you are doing a wonderful job! I suggested that DKoonce contact you. I hope he does.

    I hope that he has enough knowledge of history to understand we are all related if we go back far enough!

    Carrol Campbell (her husbands bio dad was Donald Koonce of MO) & I understand this very well.

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