Passing of Tunisia Koonce

Yesterday,  I learned from a fellow family history researcher of the passing of Tunisia Koonce.

Prior to yesterday, I did not know how Tunisia connected into the Koonce line, but with the news of her passing, I did explore it further.  Tunisia Abdullah Koonce died Wednesday, October 7, 2009 of breast cancer.  She was only 38  years old and leaves to mourn husband George Koonce, daughter Jayla and son George 3rd.

This is a picture of the family that I found on a webpage she’d dedicated to her husband back in 2007.

When I learned who her husband was, I realized that I knew him! Well, now *knew*, but a few months ago, upon learning about George I’d tried to contact him.   George is a former football player and now is Director of Athletics at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaulkee, but I never heard back from him.  I would later learn that at the time I sent my email, he was in the process of transferring to his current position, so it is possible he never received it.

George’s ancestry also goes back to  Jones County, North Carolina like my own Koonce family.  He is the grandson of Sudie Koonce (1912-2008), a native of Pollocksville, NC and the son of George Earl Koonce Sr.  I do not know who Sudie’s parents are at this point but I will further this research over the next few weeks.   My thoughts are with the family during these sorrowful times.

2 thoughts on “Passing of Tunisia Koonce

  1. Seen that on Google also, what a shame only 39 yrs. old with a great husband and family. As I get Koonce google feed, I often have seen comments on George and his career at W-M in football. I have often thought if he was kin to the NC Koonce.

  2. I was shock about this news today!!!!! I just found out to day that Tunisia Koonce pass away. I use to work with her, two years in Customer Service in Greenville Ross. She was the Store Manager there. We worked well together, she was even at my Wedding back In May 2006. My heart is heavy, only Gods how much we can handle. All I have is Pictures of her in my wedding book of happy memories of her.

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