Tombstone Tuesday: Koonces in Mt. Olivet

Researcher Allen Wheatley has taken hundreds of cemetery pictures and shares them on his personal website at

One of the cemeteries he’s photographed is Mt. Olivet in Fort Worth, Tarrant County, Texas.  There are several Koonce family members buried in the cemetery and I now know how they are all connected.  Just these past few months I’ve been corresponding with one of the descendants of Rufus Argyle Koonce (1887-1952) the patriarch of one  family branch buried in the cemetery.

Headstone: Rufus Argyle Koonce

There is another cluster of Koonce’s buried in the cemetery though too – family members of Wayland Hoyt Koonce (1891-1982).

Headstone: Wayland Hoyt Koonce

Given the two families, I would have thought they were closely related. Turns out, Wayland & Rufus were quite distant cousins; Wayland was Rufus’ 3rd cousin once removed.  Their common ancestors are George Koonce & Susannah “Letty” Franks of  Craven County, NC.   I wonder if Rufus & Wayland knew each other?

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