Wordless Wednesday: Native American Koonces

Not a “wordless post” but this is an interesting picture to share.  From time to time I’ll run across Native American Koonce families, though I’ve not taken the time to fully research them.   Hat tip to John Paul Koonce who sent me the following picture he found.   This picture is Mah-nah-ee & Wah-zush Koonce, both Chippewa Indians.  This picture, taken by photographer Frances Densmore, shows them seated in a wigwam at Grand Portage Reservation in Minnesota.

The photo is part of the image collection of the Minnesota Historical Society.  More details are available here.

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One thought on “Wordless Wednesday: Native American Koonces

  1. Here is what I know from my family information. My tribe came thru the trail of tears along with a lot of others. As they travelled some of the tribe members decided to mix in with the slaves since they would blend in more easily and somewhere along the way as the Indians decided to “up it” to the white men”, they made friends with the white settlers close to them and the Koonce family let my tribe take on their last name. As for my direct connection, my family made it just South of the Red River. Tired and worn out my great great grandmother picked a tree and said ” we are stopping there”. According to some research my brother has done we are related to people that we know to have taken on names of the presidents, like Jefferson. We can not know the exact tribe we come from, my dad says Cherokee, but we r not for sure cause they chose to not put their names on the rolls. Hope this is inspiering to u.

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