New Lineages Added

Over the past month I’ve added a couple of new lineages to the database.

1) Lineage of Cato Koonce – Cato was a former slave of Jones County, North Carolina. So far, I only know of one child of he and wife Matilda Cox – Noah Franklin Koonce (1860-1930) who settled in Lenoir County. Noah appears to have married twice – first to Louisa Jones and second to Henrietta. Between the two, he had at least 13 children.

2) Descendants of Retus Koonce (abt. 1811- ?) – Retus was a son of Daniel Koonce & Nancy Blackshear  of Craven & Onslow counties in NC.  Retus moved away from North Carolina to Sumter County, Alabama then to Yolushaba and Grenada counties in Mississippi.  He and wife Drucilla McDaniel had at least 12 children.  I started filling out this line in response to an inquiry on the message boards on one of Retus’ grandsons  –  Hiriam M. Koonce.


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2 thoughts on “New Lineages Added

  1. I’m trying to trace more info for my sister in law. Her grandmother was Orpah Koonce. They lived in Souther pines, Lumberton, it appears Onslow, Chadborn…I like tracing the women of a family and it appears I’m stuck at an Orpah Caroline Cox I think. Anyway, would love to have her join the Koonce family. anywhere i can get her more info?

  2. Hi Dottie – thanks for commenting! I’ll take a look and see if I can find anything of interest for you. I’ll email you with what I find.

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