Are They Connected?

I’m currently working on investigating more Koonce families of Dothan, AL.  There has turned out to be quite a cluster of Koonce’s there and there are several other researchers seeking to learn if there are explicit connections. The four African-American family groups of particular interest right now are:

a) Elizabeth Koonce was born abt. 1842 in Dothan, AL.  To date, I have primarily worked on the family of her son Eugene who migrated to nearby Seminole County, Georgia and  Leon & Wayne counties in Florida.

b) Henry Koonce was born about August 1854, likely in Dothan, AL and died between 1910-1920. His wife was Elizabeth was from Jackson County, Florida.  Henry& Lizzie were living in Jackson County by 1900 and their descendants populate that area, with a few branches migrating up to New Jersey.

c) Maliki Koonce – was born Oct 1879 in Alabama – it seems he too was from near Dothan, AL as in 1900 and 1910 he and wife Lizzie and their family are in Cowarts, a community just outside Dothan.

d) Clopton Koonce – born abt. 1854 in Alabama – descendants believe he and wife Sarah are from Gordon, AL, which is not too far away from Dothan. By 1900 were living in Jackson County, Florida.

The challenge is trying to find connections between these four families.  Are Henry (b) and Clopton (d) related? Both have descendants named Hosea and Clopton has a son named Henry.  Maliki (c) also has a son named Hosea.    I am fascinated by this and the research continues!


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  1. My father is Jay Henry Lee and his mother was Pearl Doreen Koonce who married Robert Lee. Dad is 79 years old and I know and believe the above, Clopton Koonce is my great grandfather. I would love to know more about them. Dad also mentioned the name “Cortez” as relations to us.

  2. During my research of the Oscar, Emma Roach from Florence, AL (Lauderdale Co, AL) I ran across a cemetery full of Koonce’s. It seems Selena Roach, daughter of George and Lavina Roach married into this family of Koonce’s. Florence is very close to Dothan and I’m wondering if there is a connection.

  3. Hi Ramone,

    I’m sure there probably is! I have been in touch with some Koonce descendants from Florence and family oral history has that there is. Are you a Koonce descendant?

  4. Good Afternoon, Maliki Koonce is my great grandfather and I would like to know if all the Koonce family tree outlines that you have above are related? Thank you Have a Great Day 🙂

  5. I’m white born in 1955,in sullivan,In.Parents Paul,Keith.Koonce and Sondra,Dean.Koonce.My grandfather was from Hickory N.C. then moved to In.he was a farmer.I really don’t no if this helps you in any way,this is interesting to learn about the Koonce name and it’s history.Good luck,and please keep me updated. Robert,Wilson.Koonce . PS;Grandfathers name was Herbert.

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