Koonces in Arlington National Cemetery

Hi everyone!

It has been many years since I have written a blog post for my Koonce Genealogy website, but rest assured the research has not stopped.  I still continue to hear from Koonces descendants and work with everyone to try and document families.

Most recently, I visited Arlington National Cemetery and out of curiosity, looked up all the Koonces buried there.  There are 11.  I’ve begun researching their families and have learned the following:

JC Koonce born in Geneva, Alabama, and his wife Beulah Patterson Koonce are buried at the cemetery. JC and Beulah have a daughter also buried there, Beverly. Beverly was less than a year old when she passed in 1957 and JC was a Sergeant in the military at the time of her passing. Interment records show that the grave next to Beulah was reserved for her parents as early as the time of her death, though Beulah and JC passed away many years later in 1984 and 2012 respectively.

I’ve not yet learned much about Charles Jimmy Koonce or Paul Koonce beyond some very basic details. I’ve not yet been able to link either man to the Koonce trees I currently have going either.

There is another Paul Koonce there – this one being Paul Brogden Koonce. Paul retired as a US Navy Rear Admiral. Paul was from Jones County, NC and was a great-grandson of Simon Everett Koonce and Orpah Brock Koonce.  Paul’s wife Mildred Gordon Koonce is buried with him.

I learned that Frank Koonce, of Missouri, is a descendant of Isaac Enloe Koonce & Cynthia Sutbblefield. This was interesting because just a few weeks prior to my visit I’d been exchanging Koonce research information with another descendant of Isaac’s.

Jerry Lloyd Koonce passed away only in 2014 and was from Florida. Jerry’s Koonce lineage goes back through John Henry & Martha (Pigg) Koonce – who are also ancestors of my good friend John Paul Koonce.  In case you don’t know John, he started the Koonce Newsletter in the 1990s and is the inspiration for me starting this Koonce Genealogy website!

Last, but not least, are Henry T. & Dorothy H. Koonce of Pennsylvania. Henry was a Captain in the Navy and it seems he is descended from Koonces that settled in Pennsylvania ( a separate line from eastern NC Koonces).

It has been fun to research these Koonce family members. I’ll continue to share research updates and of course, if you have Koonce family history information to share, please let me know!  

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