Hi, my name is Taneya Koonce and I collect Koonces.

Taneya_sep2011This is esentially what this site is about.  I have always had a certain reverence for my last name and its uniqueness.  As I began to work on my own family history I’ve become engrossed  and decided to start this site dedicated to Koonce history and genealogy information.  I am interested in all Koonces and will be growing this resource over time.  There have been many Koonce researchers before me and I hope this information helps Koonce researchers that will come after me. :-)

The impetus for the site began once I found out about the Koonce to Koonce newsletters published from 1994-1997 by the Koonce Genealogical Society.   After contacting the publisher, John P. Koonce, he gave me permission to post them online.  With that permission, I started devising a plan to get the newsletters online and they now are featured on this site.

I myself am descended from a black Koonce family out of Jones/Craven and Lenoir counties of North Carolina.  My earliest ancestor in my Koonce line that I can trace to is Hannah Koonce (born about 1800) who would have been a former slave.  I believe my 3rd great-grandfather, James Koonce, to be her son.  My current working theory is that they were slaves of either John Council Bryan Koonce (1817 – 1870s?) or his cousin, Calvin Koonce (1805-1878) – both of Jones County, North Carolina. To learn even more about me, please visit my genealogy blog and my main family website.  You can also reach me on Facebook, GooglePlus, and Twitter.