Wordless Wednesday: Sgt. George Small Koonce

My husband’s family is from Evansville, Vanderburgh County, Indiana and from time to time I come across a mention of Koonce families in records there. This past weekend, while researching a Koonce family lineage of Henderson County,Kentucky, I finally made the connection in my database to who the Koonce families of Evansville were.

This photo is of Sgt. George Small Koonce (1889-1918) who died in World War I. This picture comes from his biographical sketch in the book, Sons of Men, Evansville’s War Record. George was the son of Joseph Lane Koonce (1853-1926)  & Idella Ann Thrash Koonce (1864-1927).

Update on Jeffrey Wayne Koonce

In my last entry I posted about fallen Vietnam Veteran Jeffrey Wayne Koonce.  His brief bio was sent to me by J.P. Koonce and as a first step to finding out more about him, I decided look for an obit.  I posted on the Union County, NJ forum for newspaper suggestions and was directed to a website New Jersey has set up for a state memorial of Vietnam Veterans.

On the memorial page, is this picture of Jeffrey Wayne

On his memorial page his siblings are named and that was enough for me to find out more about his family and trace his Koonce line back three more generations to his great-parents Henry Koonce & Elizabeth Ellis of Jackson County, Florida.  Henry was born about 1854 in Alabama.  Geographically, Jackson County is near Houston County, Alabama where I know offhand there were several white Koonce families.  Is there an association between Jeffrey Wayne’s ancestors and these other Koonce families?  Perhaps time will tell.

To see the descendants of Henry & Elizabeth as I have gathered to date,  click here. Remember that the names are hyperlinks to their individual pages.