Welcome to the Koonce Genealogy site.  I am starting this site to keep progress on my Koonce genealogy research. I am interested in all Koonces and will be growing this resource over time.  There have been many Koonce researchers before me and I hope this information helps Koonce researchers that will come after me. 🙂

The impetus for the site began once I found out about the Koonce to Koonce newsletters published from 1994-1997 by the Koonce Genealogical Society.   After contacting the editor, John P. Koonce, he gave me permission to post them online.  With that permission, I started devising a plan to get the newsletters online.

Please be patient however, I don’t expect to fully gear up with this site until Summer 2009.   Meanwhile, please feel free to check out my slowly growing database of Koonce families.